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· Some of the companies that pay mechanical engineering graduates really well are Geothermal, Bamburi Cement, Kenya Power, Kenya Pipeline, Davis and Shirtliff and Kengen among others. National Construction Authority is among the best paying government institutions in Kenya. Get Inspired, Feel Valued and Make More of an Impact than You Ever Believed Possible. Read more: Learn About Being a Mechanical Engineer. The best-paying sectors in Kenya are finance and investment, federal jobs, media and marketing, telecommunication companies, and manufacturing sector companies. Diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering (60-100K) What is the starting salary of an Electrical & Electronics Engineer in Kenya? History jobs nc

Automotive engineering is also the best paying engineering profession job in Kenya today. 7. Salary Structure: The national average salary for a Drilling Engineer in Kenya is KSh 168,000. In this article, we describe the six highest-paying jobs you can get as a mechanical engineer, the highest-paying states for this career and how to increase your salary as a mechanical engineer. Apply now. LIST OF HIGHEST PAYING JOBS IN KENYA. Without a doubt, Engineering is a good profession to take up when you are qualified and looking forward to the handsome paycheck at the end of the month. History jobs nc

262,000. This is because it’s highly practical technical course with hands on expertise. · Here is a detailed list of the best-paying careers and jobs in Kenya. · Oil and Gas engineering is a rare career in Kenya, and it is offered at the University of Nairobi and Mount Kenya University. 2 days ago · If you have resources to enroll for the course then do it in. Engineering Jobs In Kenya Click here for more Engineering Jobs In Kenya. 1. · High performers get the best courses which will be easily absorbed to the job market after graduation. History jobs nc

· Companies like Kenya Power, KenGen,Kenya Pipeline and National Oil corporation pay their engineers not less than Ksh 120,00. One advantage of this career is that one is guaranteed a job after graduation or completion of studies. 2. Electrical engineering jobs in Kenya - July. Below is a list of top 300 jobs in Kenya and their salaries. Engineering combined with information technology is another field where people are paid well. 5. Highest Paying Jobs in Engineering. History jobs nc

National Construction Authority. 4. 1 Jobs Website in Kenya 424 Engineering Jobs in Kenya, Vacancies, Offers - August | · Remember you also need to have your math and sciences right. Accounting, Actuaries, Finance Experts. Medical practitioners are one of the highest paid in Kenya. Aerospace Engineer. History jobs nc

There are many well-paying jobs in Kenya, but here are the top ones: 1. Posted: (4 days ago) · Best Paying Government Jobs In Kenya Even as you look at the latest county government jobs in Kenya, or go through the list of lucrative national government jobs, it helps to keep an open mind. Karirana Supervisor Job (Production) Production Supervisor Job, Latest Kenyan Engineering Jobs, The company seeks to fill the position of Production. With a Degree or Diploma in Electrical Engineering, you can earn up to KSh 80, 000 at entry level. Key Account Manager- 958,333 KE. 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Kenya & Their Salaries. · The most marketable Engineering specialization in Kenya include Electrical and Electronic Engineering,Civil Engineering and Structural Engineering. History jobs nc

Jobs. Engineering. Pegs the income of a project engineer at Ksh 550,000 on the higher side although this figure is not fixed. Network & voice engineer job. Director of Accreditation-1,200,000 KES. Corporate Director-1,500,000 KES. If you look at the judges, they are among the highest paid people in Kenya. History jobs nc

Salaries range from 39,300 KES (lowest average) to 262,000 KES (highest average, actual maximum salary is higher). KES. Engineering Jobs In Kenya. The rise of big data has provided significant business opportunities, but complex data sets have no meaning if they're not. Petroleum Engineering. A medicine course at the university takes 5 years, followed by a one-year internship programme. History jobs nc

Some of the institutions that offer best automotive course include Eldoret Polytechnic and Railways Technical Institute in Nairobi. Best jobs & career advice for you. Big Data Engineer. 119,000 to Ksh. Are you a Fresh Graduate Engineer in Kenya? 5. Latest Mechanical Engineering jobs in Kenya on MyJobMag. 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Kenya & Their Salaries; Public Service Internship Programme; Supermarket Recruitments in Kenya – CARREFOUR; PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION: PSC Job Application Form; 600 Positions In The Ministry Of Interior And Coordination Of National Government (State Department For Interior And Citizen Services) Butali Sugar Mills. History jobs nc

Discover over 18 Mechanical Engineering vacancies today and get hired. 1. Here are 10 best paying careers with only a bachelor’s degree in Kenya. · Procurement & Logistics jobs. Starting salary for an Engineer in Kenya is Ksh 90,000 per month. Apply at EY and Find an Engineering Position Where You'll Grow, Learn, and Lead. National Security & Intelligent Service (NIS) This is among the top paying state corporations in Kenya. History jobs nc

As the custodians of an organization’s funds,. 11. Pilot/ Aviation Industry. Computer Hardware Engineer. 1. Medical doctors (Medicine) Like many countries, medicine tops the list of jobs that make the pocket heavy in Kenya. History jobs nc

The two courses go hand in hand and they are regarded as the best in the Kenyan job market. If you pursued Civil, structural or electrical engineering, this is the right place to work in. 5. 1 Director of Engineering(262,000 KES) 2 Engineering Production Manager(229,000 KES) 3 Field Engineering Manager(219,000 KES) 4 Electrical Engineering Manager(197,000 KES) 5 Engineering Key Account Manager(192,000 KES) 6 Engineering Project Manager(181,000 KES) 7 Mechanical Engineering Manager(175,000 KES). Looking for Engineering Jobs in Kenya. . History jobs nc

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